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    December 20, 2023

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    Rovio Entertainment Oyj



Angry Birds 2, the sequel to the globally acclaimed Angry Birds franchise developed by Rovio Entertainment, redefines the physics-based mobile gaming genre with an explosive combination of strategic gameplay, vibrant graphics, and a flock of feisty avian heroes. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Angry Birds 2 introduces a slew of new features, challenges, and an enhanced level of interactivity, providing players with a fresh and engaging experience.

Angry Birds 2 retains the familiar slingshot mechanics while introducing a dynamic level structure. Levels are no longer static; instead, they evolve as players progress, offering varied challenges and surprises. This dynamic design keeps the gameplay unpredictable and ensures that players must adapt their strategies for each level.

Unlike the original Angry Birds, each level in Angry Birds 2 consists of multiple stages. Players progress through various sections of a level, encountering different pig fortifications and environmental elements. This multi-stage approach adds complexity and strategic depth to the gameplay.

The game introduces a new feature allowing players to choose their birds from a deck of cards before launching. Each bird possesses unique abilities, making strategic selection crucial for overcoming the intricate pig defenses. Players can unlock and upgrade their bird cards over time.

Angry Birds 2 introduces magical spells that players can employ during gameplay. From the devastating Blizzard spell to the transformative Hot Chili, these spells provide an extra layer of tactical options, allowing players to unleash powerful abilities at just the right moment.

To keep the gameplay experience fresh, Angry Birds 2 incorporates daily challenges and special events. These challenges present unique objectives, offering additional rewards and encouraging players to return daily for new, exciting content.

The game introduces the concept of clans, allowing players to join forces with friends or other players worldwide. Clan-based competitions add a cooperative element to Angry Birds 2, fostering a sense of community as players work together to achieve collective goals.

Engage in epic boss battles against oversized pigs with elaborate defenses. These challenging encounters require strategic thinking and the use of specialized birds to overcome the formidable pig bosses, adding an element of excitement to the overall progression.

Angry Birds 2 incorporates an in-game economy where players can earn gems and coins through successful level completion and daily challenges. These currencies can be used to unlock new birds, upgrade their abilities, and enhance the overall performance of the avian arsenal.

Angry Birds 2 brings a refreshing twist to the iconic franchise, blending familiar slingshot mechanics with new strategic elements. With dynamic level structures, multi-stage challenges, and a diverse range of birds and spells, the game keeps players engaged and entertained. Flock together with the Angry Birds in this feathery adventure, as Angry Birds 2 delivers a delightful combination of explosive fun, challenging puzzles, and strategic gameplay that will keep players launching birds and battling pigs for hours on end.

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